Hi, my name is Pat, I welcome you to my blog. ANAHATAPAT – this name derives from the sanskrit word ANAHATA for the heart chakra and my name PAT.  Practicing yoga and meditation for many, many years I grew a deep relationship to the chakras. The anahata chakra means to me the place from where we radiate love and that’s what I believe is the greatest power.

It starts with loving yourself as you are and love every living being like you love yourself, love this beautiful planet Mother Earth, the moon, the sun, the stars.

I chose a vegan lifestyle for my health, for the animals and for the planet. I want to be part of a revolution wich has already started. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  Let me inspire you with delicious, versatile food ideas for a healthy and delightful lifestyle.

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  1. Hello my gorgeous friend! 🙋🏻💕 Congrats on your new blog. Love how it’s written and the beautiful photos too! I am truly happy to have met you on IG . All the best always!🌟🌺❤️🌸💖✨

    Much love
    Nora 😘

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