Do you ever question why we keep animals such as dogs and cats as pets, but choose to eat others such as pigs, cows, and salmon? Where is the disconnect? Do you remember how you loved ALL animals when you were a child? Are you still an animal lover?

Times are changing and the human race is evolving and we must! Because without overstating, the continued existance of humanity is in grave situation. Not everything we’ve been tought by our parents and teachers is still good and valid. And for many situations and problems in live we haven’t been taught anything at all and have to find the answers all by ourselves anyway.
It’s all about conciousness.

It is all about genuine compassion.
Animals are not food; they are fellow sentient, intelligent beings. It is not enough to go vegetarian. Everything we consume that’s produced with animal products (or tested on them), milk, honey, eggs, wool, leather, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals includes the suffering of animals. We do not have the right to use, exploit nor kill any other sentient being. Choosing a vegan lifestyle is not like following a trend or a diet but goes beyond. Still undecided? – – – Ask your heart.

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