I want to encourage every woman to age with grace and not go and get injections and fillers. I am aware that there is an increasing pressure on us (certainly not only on women) that pushes us to try everything to look younger and to believe that our appearance defines us. Forever young? We all know that’s impossibel and an illussion made by the industry who wants to sell us their products. But we are living in a time where we are challenged to wake up and raise our consciousness.

I don’t allow anybody to indoctrinate me! I believe in the power and beauty we own and radiate when we are becoming ourselves, unique as we each are. Taking care of the body, nourishing ourselves with natural toxinfree plantbased food, stay away from alkohol and cigarettes, get enough sleep and fresh air. These are the keys from my point of view. Be grateful for being alive and for constantly learning. Take time for yourselves, reconnect with nature and laugh often!! Did you know that the first 40 years of childhood are always the hardest?



This video is so impressing! I love it!


(pictures: pinterest)

2 thoughts on “AGING

    1. Thank you Amy! It’s about time that standard beauty ideals made by the medias are getting butt-kicked! I hope our generation will pave the way for you young ladies (who are beating the same pressure regarding the super skinny trend). It’s all about raising conciousness …and loving yourself as you are. Namaste


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